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Hey Rifleman, let me tell you a story.

Many years ago when the Jennings 22 became a popular gun to buy, many of the members of the gun club I belong to decided to buy a Jennings, must have been thirty or more bought. In my finite wisdom (nobody knows everything) I did not buy one. Well it seems that everyone that bought one declared that it was the finest little 22 that ever shot, never failed to feed, never failed to shoot and would even hit the target at 25 yards. Not bad for an itty bitty gun.

Then we had the GREAT JENNINGS MATCH that 4th of July. Of all the Jennings pistols on the line, only one of them was able to empty the magazine without a malfunction of one kind or another. A lot of red faces after the match with the sudden rush of notices for Jennings pistols for sale.

Yep, pretty little paperweights, shiny fishing lures and something I wouldn't one if you paid me.
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