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While I have no Ruger rifles, I do have several Ruger pistols. The two Blackhawk Flattops I have have been flawless in operation and they are the fairly recent 50th editions, one in .357 and the other in .44 M. They are safe to carry with six rounds, go bang every time and I admit they are not as nicely finished as a Colt, they are half the money and with a Colt can you only carry five safely and the Ruger is more durable if you shoot a lot or shoot heavy loads.
I also purchased a new Ruger SR 22 pistol and it is as nice as any pistol in the same price range.
Every gun maker has has some quality slip in the past 5-6 months due to demand and Ruger is no exception, but this will pass as it did with Winchester (remember 1964), Colt (remember the late 70's and early 80's) and others.
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