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About 15 years ago I was on my way to Alaska, I had planed on driving up the rocky mountains through Canada. I researched the laws on transporting guns through their country. I had a 12ga pump shot gun (I was going to be sleeping in a tent in Alaska) So I get to the border fill out the form and declare the gun. As soon as that happened they told me to pull into a booth.

They treated me like garbage.. I told them I only wanted passage through their country to Alaska. They told me they did not want me in their country. If I tried to go through a border in the next 6mo I would be arrested.
They didn't mention the gun they claimed it was because my car was old and I did not have enough money. my car was 7yrs old and I had $2,700 in cash. People I talked to afterwards said it was because of the gun.

I will never spend a dime in Canada.
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