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I think up until Dec of last year when the buying spree started, Colt, BCM and a few others held a slight edge in perceived quality. Once makers started pushing ARs out as fast as they could, that 'quality' gap lessened.
I am not a 'fanboy', but I have excellent results from my S&W M&P and I have no reason to think a DMPS would not perform as well. The BCG is key and mine has all the bells and whistles, MPI, shot peened, chrome lined etc, with only the barrel steel in 4140 and not 4150 being the major difference and it is chromed lined.
I have a friend and shooting buddy who just bought the same rifle as yours and it has been better and more reliable than some bigger name brands out there. Keep your DMPS well lubed and it will provide years of service and will smooth out once you shoot it some, so enjoy and compare in six months after a couple hundred rounds, IF you can find a couple hundred rounds to shoot!
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