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Moon Clips

I have a 625 with moon clips. Moon clips are faster than a speedloader but not so much so for me that I would modify a 38/357. For a competition guy that may be a different deal.

The steel clips and tool are cheap. I bought 10 steel clips back when I bought my gun with a tool for $8.95. You could get just 10 clips for $4.95 back then. The tool is dirt simple to use and you can unload the empties from a clip in about 10 to 15 seconds. Putting the rounds in just takes a little rolling motion and again is done in less that 30 seconds for 6 rounds; little more effort than loading a speedloader. The prices on the clips is not that much more now. A quick search shows 12 clips and a tool for $15.99 and free shipping. Some shopping around and you could probably find them for less. Here is a link to the sample I found. YMMV
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