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Price of mooning/demooning tool -- $20 to $100+

Price of metal moon clips -- .50 to $1.50 each

Price of a polymer moon clip from Rimz -- $1 to $2.

Price of mooning/demooning tool for Rimz clips -- $0. One isn't needed.

I've tried steel moon clips and the many different "It's a better mousetrap" mooning/demooning tools.

I was never all that impressed with any of them. Generally fiddly, expensive, bulky, and slow to use.

Then there was always the chance that no matter how careful you were, you'd end up with a bent moon clip. Once that happened, that was that. Trash it.

When I first heard of the Beckham Rimz polymer moon clips I figured it was yet another attempt at the mousetrap.

I was pretty dismissive of the concept, and then the people from Beckham sent me a couple to test out.

Instant convert.

I ended up throwing away all of my metal moon clips and gave the demooning tool I had to a friend.

The early Rimz clips did have some issues. Primarily, they didn't hold the rounds all that firmly and dropping one on the ground usually caused several of the rounds to pop free.

That was addressed in a later, stiffer, version that holds the rounds far more securely.

I dropped one of those from shoulder height repeatedly and only once in about a dozen drops was I able to get a round to pop free.

Even better, the Rimz clip was totally and completely unharmed, where with a metal clip an inadvertent drop from even a lesser height can result in a sprung, damaged clip.

Another benefit I've found is simply speed. Loading and unloading one of the polymer Rimz clips takes a few seconds, FAR quicker than with steel clips. The only tool you need is your fingers.

And, if you screw up and twist the Rimz clip into a pretzel while loading a round? It doesn't matter because, unlike a steel clip, the Rimz polymer clip returns to its original shape.

They definitely won't last as long as steel...

Jonny, based on how much testing do you make that statement?

Regarding my experience with how long they will last...

I've run probably 3,000 or more rounds through the few polymer Rimz clips that I have, and they are showing no signs of undue wear, loosening, failing to hold the rounds in the clips, etc.

That's as good, or better, than I ever got out of any of my steel moon clips.

Brownell's carries them, and they're cheaper there...
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