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They "found" holsters (they were in plain sight, not hidden) and insisted I was hiding guns. I asked if holsters were illegal in Canada? I explained I was having the guns shipped and there were none in the truck or trailer. Come to think of it, they did go through my wallet too.

I was in a hurry to catch a ferry in Skagway so I was not being argumentative in any way. They raised their voices, pointed fingers and had 3 other guys surrounding me (they were uncomfortably close and staring at me), each taking turns firing questions at me. I guess they were trying to intimidate me or make me stumble some how.

They were very rude and treated me like a criminal, made me feel even more proud to be an American citizen and not can Canadian subject.

I had a buddy that was crossing the same boarder and on his keychain he had a little wooden stick, about three inches long, and they confiscated it. Then tore his car apart looking for other "weapons".
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