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Question on searching: Canada border

I am not sure if this is the correct place to be doing this so forgive me in advanced.

I am searching for some advice that's somewhat gun related. Today my parents were outbound from Washington state towing behind them a camper trailer on their way to Alaska. While going through the border they were stopped and very harshly interrogated with the claim that they were "smuggling weapons". They forced my parents to hand over their phones (went through her phone checking emails and personal data), laptops (passwords for both), and all the items they had on them then took the keys to the truck and searched the trailer head to toe. Tearing apart the inside of the camper: drawers, cabinets, overturning beds, taking apart containers and such. This went on for a while. They were very rude and kept yelling at my mom "WE KNOW YOU'RE LYING TO US JUST TELL US THE TRUTH". Stupid crap like that...

All of this but they didn't check ANYTHING in the truck? They didn't put ANYTHING back together leaving drawers dislodged and cabinets open. Mom said it was like a robber went through the trailer afterwards. On the phone with me she was almost crying and extremely angry. She felt very violated and I could tell by her voice she was not okay.

Again, I apologize for this if it's in the wrong spot but I feel that what happened here was very wrong and I'm hoping to be pointed possibly in the right direction. Hopefully the good people here that I've learned to trust will not let me down.

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