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My answer was 11-20, in order to be satisfied. Six of them are Enfield #4s/#5s. Two are FR8s.

Right now thirteen is enough, but will be satisfied -as far as guns go- with a second Garand.
The primary objective, even though I have heaps of it, is to gradually buy more ammo. Why?

The main reason is to have even more for when I retire in a few years (less income), and also in case my grown son gets bitten by the gun bug.

A secondary concern is that our govt. one day Could be pressured (via foreign policy 'deals') to allow the UN Small Arms Treaty to dictate to us that we should not be able to buy imported ammo (or guns).
Right now the CMP might never acquire any more substantial shipments of M2 Ball from military sources, along with Garands which were US loans to foreign governments. Much mo' money in a few years.

Don't forget that the UN and some Brit/Euro 'arms control' groups pay numerous countries to destroy both surplus guns and ammo.
In a few years, other than MNs, imagine how many heaps of both AKs etc And obsolete, bolt-action military rifles will have been destroyed?

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