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I srsly just don't even.

Having carried for reason and recreation as well as working the business side of the counter of a gun shop... This sort of stuff really makes my head hurt.

From "9mm never stopped anyone" (Yeah, tell that to the folks the Germans shot during WW2) to 1911 is outdated and now "Is .40 enough gun". This is the same noise that had folks running about in search of the latest "Mother Monkey Magnum" shoulder buster and wallet drainer because somehow, 30-06 stopped killing Bambi all of a sudden. Sheesh.

Tends to be, if you manage to have the talent to hit something the baddie needs, right this moment for his continued existence, he falls down or, at the very least stops being an active baddie. I know this is hard in a full-blown panic of a firefight or confrontation but, the facts remain stubborn on the subject. Sure, if I know I am going to a fight, give me a 12 Ga. and some 00 Buck but, that looks funny under my jacket at the mall. As it is, any sidearm I carry serves 2 functions for me.

1. Makes me feel I have some chance if things go very wrong.

2. Forces the baddie to be sure that harming me or those I love is worth some serious harm to him.

Just my 2 cents.
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