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Here in the great state of CO...

Most of the actual gun shops are down to either odds and ends (read junk) or seriously insanely priced "Assault Weapons" which, are selling all the same. Handguns are almost nonexistent on the shelves.

Pawn shops have the usual collection of crap-tastic single shot shotguns, Llamas and the like. Anything 1911 in appearance is tagged at $1,000 plus. Yes, even the stuff from the Philippines.

Ammo... Not even worth asking about as it will only get you an eye roll from whoever is behind the counter.

At the last gun show, Win White box 9mm was going for $1.00 a bang and selling at that price.

Our local Armslist is well..between "Ouch" and "****" for both firearms and ammo.
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