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If your want to argue about what can be explosive, I can name tons of household things that can become explosive at some point. Gasoline still has to be between the LEL and UEL in order to explode. Unlike smokeless powder which has its own oxidizer. Gasoline still needs not only oxygen, but still needs to be between the LEL and UEL in order to explode.

Cars would not run if it didn't detonate.
I guess I need to tell my mechanic that the knock I heard, which he said was bad, is actually a good thing now. My entire life I thought an engine ignited, and burned gasoline, instead of detonating it.

If we are going to win the debate on not having restrictions on reloading components we need to do so in a proper fashion. If we, as the firearms community want to keep tossing out other things that may explode, I can only imagine the soundbite for the low information voter.

(My thoughts on such a soundbite) "Those against banning smokeless powder want to talk about the dangers of everything exploding! So lets take some examples. We (our government) doesnt want to ban your 4 year old childs cupcakes at his birthday party because the sugar in the icing has a remote chance of causing a dust explosion in a factory. Neither do we want to ban the gasoline for your car to take your 4 year old child to his birthday party. We want to target a small type of item. Smokeless powder! Just look at the MSDS put out by the companies producing the smokeless powder! Just look at it! Even they, themselves call it explosive! But yet those on the otherside think we should ban your 4 year olds birthday party instead..."

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Section 3. Hazard Identification
Emergency Overview:

I think saying that other types of common things can explode is chasing a unicorn. If we want to win this battle, we need to come up with facts to counter the suppossed risk. Just saying "hey this or that will explode in the right circumstance" doesnt do it. Ok, so it explodes. So a small explosion is worse then a large BLEVE? It depends on the amount and the exact circumstances. Just saying this or that can explode, and explosions are bad only gives the low information voters a reason to be against it.

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