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Post 17, license holders vs armed/sworn LE officers...

Post 17 took a few of my remarks out of context.
Armed citizens/license holders are not "better" than FBI special agents.
I didn't say that.
My point is that any license holder or armed professional should carry a sidearm or firearm able to deal with the threat.
Will Holden or Haden on Discovery's Sons of Guns had a good line; "A handgun should get you to your next gun."
I say; "In a real critical incident you may not have the gun you want, but you must use the gun you have."
Sworn LE officers(unlike armed citizens or license holders) have a sworn duty to uphold the law & pursuit dangerous criminals. They can carry or request firearms, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, K9, air-support/UAVs, SWAT-SRT, etc.
John or Mary Citizen can't always do that.
A few years ago, the NRA awarded the LE Officer of the Year award to a brave Las Vegas Metro PD officer who was seriously wounded in a botched armed robbery. The off duty LV officer was hit several times & returned fire with a compact .380acp. The bad guys were caught & convicted. The hero cop later returned to full police duty & started carrying his full size sidearm(with 2 full size magazines) off duty too.

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