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I've yet to find anything that says that all of the gibbs guns are drill rifle rescue jobs. I also see nothing that says that the AIM rifles are Gibbs.

the only gibbs non-A4geries I've seen are camo painted and hold no value at all despite being priced comparably with a USGI condition rifle.
Then you are not looking all that hard.

Gibbs 1903a3s:

Where do I buy one?

Originally Posted by Gibbs Rifles
Please contact Aim Surplus or Centerfire Systems to order.
Discussion of the origin of the receivers used in production of Gibbs rifle:

Originally Posted by Gibbs Rifles
There has been a fair amount of conjecture regarding the Gibbs 1903A4 rifle in regards to the origins of the receivers and the safety of these guns. I would like to address both of these
issues directly.

First, Gibbs 1903A4’s are built from 1903A3 drill guns
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