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Originally Posted by PT-92
The surprise was that the Stingers had zero expansion out of the SR22
Well, that didnt surprise me... people have said for years that pistol cartridges like the .32acp and .380acp dont expand out of short barrels, and that you are better off going for penetration, with FMJ.
Yeah I think most handgun (semi) shooters that rely on the Stinger do so because it's the only thing that will reliably cycle their semi's action (we have all seen that out of a 10/22 or the like the Stinger does precisely what it is designed to do).

I think there is another (arguably better) choice that one might consider for semi-auto defensive purposes relative to penetration. The .22lr Aquila Interceptor RN40 Grain 1470 FPS looks mighty effective for one concerned that expansion cannot be realized via short barrels so why not opt to shoot for deep penetration...?
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