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Thank you Quentin2 for clearing that up. I wasn't sure if it was more comical or disturbing that they even considered Remington for that contract.....
Yes, I love my DPMS and trust it with my life. But I've seen bad ones too. I'd rather have an FN any day of the week!
I was worried too when Remington initially had the contract. But they lowballed the price so Colt contested that it wasn't a reasonable bid. Colt was right but then FN's bid was lower than Colt's so Colt no longer has the M4 contract.

The military contracts have a clause preventing FN from selling AR-15s to US civilians but they can supply parts to other manufacturers. PSA uses FN barrels and probably other major components, possibly BCGs. Spikes does too. It's been rumored that BCM uses FN parts but they don't disclose this information. Anyway, it is possible to have FN quality in an AR, just look for brands like Colt, BCM, Daniel Defense, LMT, PSA, Spikes and others.
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