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You ever tried shooting at someone who's trying to kill you? It ain't like you're taking a solid weaver-stance and poking holes in a piece of paper that's 7 feet away and not moving.
Have you? Have the majority of firearms trainers? Not many of us have and not many are alive that have. Also many of the stories I have heard were greatly exaggerated about the threats they faced.

I just keep hearing about cars, homes, buildings, that have 50+ bullet holes in them and less then 5 in the target. Were talking about 1 in 10 or less shots making it to the target.

Like you said t easy to hit paper especially at 15yds, even while rapid fire, dropping mags and reloading.

Would it be better to take a breath? idono? but it would be interesting to see some stats on shots vs hits from a couple of decades ago before semi autos and rapid fire were so popular.
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