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We're talking iconic right? Not innovative, what I like, or what's popular, correct? In the "Glock Era" the most iconic gun is a Glock. It's defined firearms for the last 25 years. It's the most popular LEO gun out there. When the 6 o'clock news talks about the latest shooting, the image to the right of the anchors head is likely a Glock. Heck, someone in the past few months posted pictures that came from the covers of his James Bond movies that had Sean Connery holding a gun that didn't even exist when the movie came out. Can you guess what gun it was? A Glock! No PPK in sight. I'm guessing the artist was told to draw Sean Connery with a handgun, and found an image of Glock that would work. Speaking of movies, there's probably no single gun manufactured in the past 25 years that's had more screen time than a Glock. Of this, I could be wrong, but it seems every time I watch a movie that has a gunfight, there's a Glock in there somewhere.

Let's not forget that 25 years ago, Glock was basically the only manufacturer of polymer, striker fired guns. Today, almost every major manufacturer produces at least one model that fits that description. No company has had more of an impact on the handgun industry in the past quarter century than Glock.

Whether you like Glocks or not, there's really no doubt about what the most iconic pistol of the past 25 years or so is. It's gotta be Glock 17, for better or worse.
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