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Chief I was at the range when my firend stuck the bullets in his revolver. It took a good soak with oil, then a piece of drill rod, and mallet to get them out. Those uber light loads can be tricky if the sun is setting and behind your target. He could not see the holes at 25 yards. Then when he was going to reload he saw one a wee bit of the end of the first bullet sticking out of the barrel. I have had squibs with plated full wad cutters, using Trail Boss. There is just not enough space to get the pressure to get them all the way out. I switched to a load with Bull's Eye to shoot up the rest of them. By then I had a mold for 158 grain LSWC.

Note my firend no longer uses plated WC. He got a mold for DEWC that he uses.
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