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I don't have a single safe queen, meaning a gun I never intend to shoot, but I do have a dozen plus (currently) that I fully intend to shoot, just haven't gotten arount to it, yet....and I have quite a few that I haven't shot in some years, but I will shoot them again, someday...
That sounds oh so familiar!!

Sometimes I buy a new gun in a chambering that I'm not currently reloading. So I buy dies and brass at the same time as the gun. I bring the gun home and take it all apart. Check the design out from end to end. Dry fire it if appropriate. Lubricate. Usually leave it sitting "out" in the living room for a few weeks so that I can pick it up over and over. Getting the muscle memory in tune with the new hardware. Then I put everything away.... until I get to shoot it. But, like you, somehow I have some that I've never gotten around to shooting. Some that I actually do have bullets for but several because I never gotten around to reloading for them. Yet. It's going to happen!

Sometimes it's like standing in a fast moving river and trying to catch fish barehanded as they swim by. They just keep flowing by!

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