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Well first, understand it's not a Rolex, it's a Timex. But Run a few hundred rounds through it, you'll see it's just fine. I beat the hell outta mine and ran about 30,000 rounds through it, only had to replace a hammer pin so far....

And in regards to all the Colt comparisons I always hear; last I checked the Army dropped Colt and gave Remington the contract. But Remy doesn't actually make their own AR's, but guess which two partner companies do....

Maybe mad crate or someone else can confirm or deny that, but that's the situation is I last know it
Actually it's not true that Remington has the (M4) contract. Initially they won the contract but after a challenge by Colt the contract was awarded to FN which already has the M16 contract. FN knows a thing or two about military specs and certainly can make M16/M4s to spec.

Remington/Bushmaster/DPMS/etc. would have to improve their rifle significantly to meet milspec for general issue to our military. Spikes and PSA are very close to milspec yet cost about the same as "Remmaster".
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