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Well they have failed Federally on new gun control laws but they have gained several victories at the State level, all bad, no good the way I tally it.

Furthermore, as we all saw it coming, they haven't paused a heartbeat before launching into new attacks. They are using Gabby Giffords to go after Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell and Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte ...
( so they will try to use the exact same tactics to remove those who oppose their plans.

We didn't win anything guys and the only good that can come of this that the divide between gun laws in different states is getting so wide that soon it should be undeniable which states suffer the most from the wrong approach to gun control.

It doesn't mean it will stop the antis or get them to stop lying to get their way. But maybe their lies will loose some of their charm as facts start proving them wrong to people who care enough to find out.
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