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Apparently, I was so busy watching the federal government, that my own state legislature snuck one past me.

We now have Act 746, which expressly authorizes the carry of a handgun when upon a journey outside of one's own county. It does not specify whether such carry must be open or concealed, and ArkansasCarry is reporting that we just got Constitutional Carry!

Act 746 also makes a technical, but rather important change to our "Carrying A Weapon" statute. The statute formerly criminalized the carrying of certain weapons "with a purpose to use [the weapon] against a person." The Arkansas General Assembly has now added language so that it reads "with a purpose to attempt to unlawfully use" the weapon against a person. The stickler for me was always that DGUs can still be "using a weapon against a person." However, the General Assembly has now removed that particular problem.

As with any new laws, there will have to be a couple of court cases to shake out exactly what this all means, so I will be proceeding with caution. I am not in a position to be an OC test case.
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