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“You can fire a handgun at a rate of four to five rounds per second. If someone — after being shot right through the heart — has 15 seconds, they can easily fire 50 to 60 shots in that time.”
This has me questioning things a little.

I think it would be very hard to fire a handgun at this rate of fire and do anything other then keep it pointed in the basic direction of the target.

But even with a pair of 30 round mags 50 to 60 rounds in 15 seconds sounds stupidly unrealistic to me because situations do not remain unchanging like this for 15 seconds.

If all the guy is going to do is hang the gun around the corner and jerk the mags dry as fast as possible then sure, but that isn't really anything more dangerous then a risk of hearing loss.

I just don't think unrealistic statements provide much much for an argument.

As for the guys being drug free, sure, completely drug free of all but one of the most powerful drugs known to man, adrenaline.
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