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It is easy ....once you get all the fundamentals down.../ you'll be able to get your scores on Trap singles up into the 23+ average pretty quickly.../ but "Fit" is first and foremost the issue ....then stance, foot position, eye focus point as to where you look for the target, shooting the target as its still under power and rising - not when it levels off or starts to drop, position of your elbows, how consitent is your gun mount - in same spot on shoulder every time, not steering the gun with your forward hand, smooth follow-thru..... where it will pay off ( all the little things )....

Shooting a rifle is a very different skill....on shotguns your eye is the rear sight ( so that's why the gun has to "Fit" you it hits where you look ! ). In clay targets - once you mount the gun never, ever, look at the front sight again !!! All you look at is the leading edge of the bird = not the butt...only the leading edge....and you don't ever stop the gun as you pull the trigger.

Pulling the trigger is the "start" of the shot....not the end of the shot ! The end of the shot - is the follow thru.

Talk to some of the better shooters at your club for tips, there are some very good DVD's out these days - maybe your club has some you can borrow, or guys at the club may have some....
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