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When police officers carried revolvers, dump pouches for ammo, and New York reloads, the awareness of shot placement's importance received greater attention and more training. But at that time a great many LEO's had military experience and/or had grown up with firearms.

No, I'm not saying they should go back to revolvers (though at my age it's tempting to say so). But what I keep reading in posts from police officers is that training has been reduced, opportunities for practice have diminished, and the number of cops with previous weapons experience is way down. Sounds to me like a recipe for unrealistic expectations and spray-and-pray shootings of the kind we've heard about where officers fire forty rounds and hit their target seven times.

I'm not, repeat, NOT blaming the LEO's. I admire tremendously the job they do in damn near impossible situations. But it sounds as if too often they're handicapped by a system that doesn't support them adequately.
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