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Question on FA parts for AR15

Ok, here is a situation.

There are 3 things needed for Full-Auto in an AR/M16 rifle.
1. Full-Auto bolt carrier group
2. Full-Auto trigger group
3. Full-Auto Sear or a Drop-In Auto Sear

I know that many ARs come from the factory with Full-Auto BCGs and the BATF had already stated that this was fine because there are other parts required to have Full Auto.

If you have a FA trigger group and FA BCG in a Semi-Auto lower, you still DO NOT have a Full-Auto rifle, you would need the FA Sear or a drop in auto sear.

I ask because I already have FA BCGs and would like to go ahead a get a FA trigger group for future spares (wanting to buy a M16 in the next year or so) but will not be installed.

Is this legal to have the two items in possession or installed if you only own a Semi receiver and you DO NOT OWN a drop in auto sear?

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