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So what's the point of a violent felon like Michael Platt soaking up 10-20 (12 actually) hits from .38, 9mm, and .357? You think it would have made any difference if the shooters were license holders rather than FBI Special Agents????
You forgot the shotgun blast that injured both feet as well. Also as with most other such folks who "absorb" a lot of shots, most of the impacts are minor, doing little serious damage.

I do also wonder about some police gun tactics now days, sending out rds, dropping clips and sending out more rounds. I know they get free ammo but after reading about many law enforcement "exchanges" it really makes me wonder.
Other than no typical patrol officer handguns, rifles, or shotguns not using "clips," I think it is fair to say that the number of rounds fired by cops during shootouts is not determined by the cost of the ammo, whether they paid for it themselves or whether it is covered by the department.
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