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This kind of reminds me of people who carry a gun for defense but criticize people who carry back up guns. You are protecting against the possibility of an incredibly unlikely event, but if someone is a little more prepared than you, you criticize them. Having a light and extra ammo is just more prepared. Is it unnecessary? Maybe. But maybe the whole exercise is unnecessary. Where is the line? Can I have a second shotgun ready to go next to the first one? Body armor? There is no right answer. It is all just what one wants to be prepared for. Saying that you won't need something is just naive.

I do know that crime trends indicate that "Most burglaries are committed by one or two part-time thieves" is not something you want to count on anymore. Is it possible? Sure. It's all probabilities. If I can throw some extra shells, why the hell wouldn't I? Why have a gun at all if we are just going by the "most likely" case? It's very unlikely any of us will ever need to use a gun in defense. THAT is the most likely case.

As for the light, I think you are just a tactical disaster here. I would recommend you take a class or read a book. I really don't mean any offense, but this is like the guy who doesn't load his gun because he thinks the sound will scare away the bad guy. There are so many scenarios I could list in which using a WML would be superior to trying to make your way to a light switch and giving everyone present the advantage of the light. Assuming it does work. Sure your lights have consistently worked for years. And you have consistently not been attacked. Maybe there is a connection between power and public services working, and home invasions remaining low? Look up what happened during Hurricane Katrina, although I suspect you already know and you are just choosing to ignore it because that isn't the scenario you have prepared for. This is just representative of very close-minded thinking. Again, if I have a light, what am I hurting? It just covers more possible needs.
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