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Lyman 450

I think I just solved my Lubricator/Sizer problems at least partially.

I bought a Lyman 450 from eBay for 67.00 delivered. The listing says the press is complete and fully functional. But the photos show some parts that are missing. The reservior cover, the piston, and two o rings appear to be gone from the press. These parts can be bought from Lyman and the prices are quite reasonable. Under 15.00 total for parts. Total investment (Anticipated) 82.00.

The press does not have a heater but I think I can get around that.

It would be nice to find that the parts that are "missing" are actually included, just not in the photo.

Any feedback you have on this press would be welcome.

I know that many recommended a Star press but I can't find one at a reasonable price.

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