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S&W Revolver Sight Questions

I have two Smiths that need sight work and have some general questions.

The first gun is a Model 686, with an 8 3/8" barrel.
When I purchased the gun, it had a scope mounted on it and did not have any rear sight included. So, I would like to replace the rear sight. Can someone discuss with me, how you determine the correct rear sight blade needed to work with that barrel length ? I have looked for rear sights on-line and quickly figured out that they come in various heights. I found a chart on the Bowen Classic Arms website http:// but before I order anything I would like someone to double check if I am reading the chart right. I also have to figure out of I need a "new style" or "old style"

The second gun involves the same issue. Years ago, I bought a S&W Model 19, with a 4" barrel. The gun is in like new condition, however with the rear sight jacked up all the way, the gun still shoots like 6" low. Obviously the rear sight blade isn't the right size for the gun and I need to replace it. I am assuming that finding the correct size would be a matter of measuring the one that is on there now, then buying a bigger one ?
FWIW: I find it extremly weird that this problem exists on this gun. I own quite a few S&W revolvers and have had many others go through my hands over the years and this is the only one I ever heard of that had this problem. I don't know if the factory mistakenly put the wrong sight blade on it, or if the previous owner was screwing around with it, or what
Another FWIW: I have read on the internet what is involved in changing this rear sight blade and watched a short video on doing it.

Thank you for your help.
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