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I happen to like moon clips. As was mentioned above, they do work best in 45acp, and 10mm/40 S&W.
I have the above in a 3" 625, a 2.5" 310 Night Guard, as well as my 610.

I also have a 686 that has been cut for moon clips by Clark, as well as a factory 442 Pro Moon Clip.

Moon Clip 38/357

My 442 Pro Moon Clip reloads fairly well with moon clips. It is probably a toss up between a moon clip reload and a reload using a J Model Jet Loader.
Added advantage with a short ejector stroke revolver like a J Frame is being able to get all 5 shells out of the gun during a Tactical Reload.

The conversion for a 686 and GP100 for moon clips probably needs a hair more thought. As far as speed you will need to practice reloading with the moon clips to come up to speed. You also need a Moon Clip belt carrier to access the clips. With all the right gear it would be a toss up on speed between a moon clip 38 and a Safariland Comp III or L Model Jet Loader.
ADVANTAGE: On a range where you do not get to pick up your brass. You get to pick up your moon clips with all your brass still in place.

I believe all modern moon clip conversions of the J, K, and L Frame as well as the GP100 allow loading with loose rounds, speed loaders, as well as moon clips. So basicly you are just gaining another option for reloading the revolver.

Also moon clip are not allowed in IDPA SSR Division. Just for information.
If you are thinking about competition, you probably need to check the rules before you start.
I personally wish moon clips were approved for SSR Guns. It would be nice getting all your brass back when you leave the range.

I have owned several moon clip revolvers over the years. I like them just fine.


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