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JY youtube clip...

There's a video by James "Tactical Response" Yeager where he talks directly about this point.
Yeager correctly explains that there is a significant difference between power & lethality.
A violent felon can be hit center mass by a powerful round & still fight(ie: kill good guys) before they expire(or stop). Author & legal use of force expert; Massad Ayoob made the same point to in a few gun press articles.
As discussed at length many many times on TFL & other gun forums, a solid hit to the "tactical T zone"(the area around the nose/eyes) will drop most subjects but you(the armed citizen or armed professional) should carry enough gun & be able to quickly aim/fire at a subject.

To me, there's no point in a violent felon to soak up 10-20 hits from a .25acp or a .380acp from a license holder.

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