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I don't shoot competitive bench rest, but I do shot off a bench with hunting rifles. I will answer your questions with regards to my rifles.

how many round will you rifle shoot before it begins to lose accuracy.
One of mine loses accuracy at about 30 to 40 rds, one about a hundred, and another...well I haven't shot it enough times between cleanings to find out.

How many fowling shots does it take for your rifle to settle in

One takes 2 shots, another takes 3 or 4, another is always pretty close after 1.

How long do you wait between shots for a 5 shot string
Most of mine need ten minutes between, but they are sporter weight barrels. My varmint weight barrel will shoot good groups with less than 5 minutes between.

You will have to shoot your rifle to see how many shots will do what to your group sizes. Experimenting with different timing, loads, bullets, positions, targets, rests, etc. is all part of the fun. Don't stress too much about these things, they come naturally after a few hundred rounds down the barrel.
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