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:cough: FBI. April 11, 1986. Miami. :cough:

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The shootout involved ten people: two suspects and eight FBI agents. Of the ten, only one, Special Agent Manauzzi, did not fire any shots (firearm thrown from car in initial collision), while only one, Special Agent Risner, was able to emerge from the battle without a wound. The incident lasted under five minutes yet approximately 145 shots were exchanged.[7][23]

Toxicology tests showed that the abilities of Platt and Matix to fight through multiple traumatic gunshot wounds and continue to battle and attempt to escape were not achieved through any chemical means. Both of their bodies were drug-free at the time of their deaths.
And from this site:

Dove, one of the other SWAT trained agents, fired approximately 20 rounds from his S&W Model 459 during the fight. He hit Platt in the chest as Platt was climbing out of his car. Dove’s 9mm bullet caused Platt to suffer what was later described as a “non survivable” wound. Unfortunately, even with a collapsed lung and with blood pooling in his chest, Platt continued to fight.

During the fight Platt continued to move and use cover while shooting in different directions at different agents as he saw them. He wounded Manauzzi and shot McNeill in the hand as he attempted to reload his revolver. He shot Mireles in the left forearm as Mireles came up to engage him with a 12 gauge shotgun. He shot McNeil again, in the neck this time, which left the agent paralyzed for several hours.

Platt killed Grogan and Dove after moving around the car they were using as cover while they were trying to fix Dove’s pistol, which had been hit by one of Platt’s .223 rounds and rendered inoperable. Neither Grogan nor Dove apparently heard the warnings shouted by other agents in the fight at that time.

The whole time Platt was also taking hits from various agents. In addition to the chest shot, Dove also hit Platt in the thigh and foot. He was also likely hit by Special Agents Ronald Risner (also SWAT trained and with a S&W 459) and Gilbert Orrantia,
Nope. No such thing as a one-shot stop ... unless it's a very lucky shot.

And the bad guys in Miami weren't hopped up on dope.
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