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Points; FBI protocol tests...

Here are a few random points, re; Pittsburgh PD & the .40S&W Federal loads...
1) the FBI protocol tests are open source & available to the general public. The protocol tests are shown for many, many handgun brands(DPX, Critical Duty, HST-ATK/Federal, Golden Saber, Ranger-T/T Series, Speer Gold Dot, etc).
2) Id consider the "best" LE or duty round(.40) now to be the Hornady Critical Duty 175gr .40S&W. it does very well in the FBI protocol tests. There is 0 wrong with the Golden Saber 165gr, the Ranger T/T Series 155gr, the DPX, or the Speer Gold Dot 165gr JHP.
3) IUP is a well known school or program for police science/criminal justice. Both my parents went there in the 1960s. Go Crimson Hawks!
4) The Pittsburgh PD has a long history of bad decisions & admin problems. It's not cop-bashing. They were under a DoJ Consent Decree, . The former chief; Nate Harper is under a lot of heat by the FBI & is reported to plea guilty on several criminal charges.
5) 100s of sworn LE officers across the USA have packed .40 sidearms for over 20 years. Pittsburgh PD has issued Glock .40S&W models since the late 1990s.
6) R&Ds or procurement tests should be done to ensure the selection of the best ammunition. Bar talk or $$$ shouldn't effect the final contract but it does way to often.

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