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if a person does their part ALL of them will hit much farther then most think.
history proves it right up through today . Even if your shooting off hand .
Here is a couple photos for you . The first is an off hand long range shoot which I won with my flintlock "open iron sights " with 5 shots , on target at 325 yards . Now let me say that at this even the target is a man sized target and your not scored for hitting a kill zone . Its just hitting the target which is about the size of a man from waist to shoulders .
I have not won that event for ?? 5 years I think . My average is 250 yards consistently .
2 years ago I got knocked out at 225 yards . 6 shooters went to 300 without missing and the final two were at 375 . 2nd place was defined by one of them having 1 miss at 375 . Again all off hand .
while you maynot be able to see the target in the phot , its in the treeline across the meadow

hopefully these photos will give a better idea of accuracy . Ill let you all count the range of this target which is a 10X10 plate
This was shot off hand by myself and another gentleman who was shooting a cap lock.
1 shot each was taken off hand and with iron sights . Just as with the above off hand event . We were shooting Round balls only
From the line to target


Witness and other shooter

Close up of target
Now the hit you see in the green is mine 54 Cal .
The other hit was actually a miss but LOL , the other shooter claimed he actualy hit a smaller target LOL . If you look closely you will see he cut the tape in the first link of the chain with his 50 cal ball

as to long barrel vs short ??? i think thats kinda personal preference.
At one time I would have agreed with it . However I have found differently through the years . Here in where I hunt , I can easily find myself in very thick lodge pole or completely over grown ash .
I don’t find a long gun to be any different in those situations then a good brush gun

Weight wise ??/ it depends on the gun you could be looking at 6-8lbs . But that weight is most times balance so you don’t feel it in the carry like you do a heavy short barreled ½ stock OR a poorly balanced modern bolt action which is muzzle light and thus in a short while you have it slinged over your shoulder .

In the end , regardless’ of what you chose . Your only going to be as good with the gun as you are in familiarity of the gun itself . doesnt mater if your target shooting or hunting

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