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For me...

Do keep in mind what finish your gun has. Some finishes, like blueing, need to have oil on the whole surface, even non-contact and non-wear areas, simply for rust prevention.

A light coating for that application is just enough that if you was to touch the gun with clean fingers, you would feel just a little oil, and the metal should have a slight sheen. Basically, just barely there is good.

Areas of movement but light stress, they need just a little bit more oil than that.

Areas of movement and high stress, like slide rails, need a bit more still. Maybe the amount left when using a qtip with a few drops on it, or maybe a finger wet with oil. Its not dripping, but its obviously there. Some people like using grease in these areas. I do personally. But use a light grease if you do.

There are many ways and opinions on gun maintenance. And all guns are different with different needs.

The more you maintain the gun, the better you will understand it and how to do it well. Just be conscious of what you are doing and why, just give it some consideration and thought as you work.

Instruction is always good to prevent major screw ups and point you in the right general direction, but you gain a lot by just getting down to it hands on.

(I for one used to be OCD level with cleaning and lubing, but not any more, As I learned what works, what doesn't and what was unneeded or wastes of time.)
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