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Mike, I'd take it out and shoot it, provided that it passes the normal revolver check out. Any problems that the gun may have should present themselves at the range.

I recommend getting some cowboy action loads for the range. Also, check the screws to make sure they are tight. Charters are like old Harleys and you have to be vigilant about screws loosening. Locktite will fix any problems with screws. There are four screws to check: The one that holds the crane, the one on the side of the frame (this one usually is the biggest culprit), the one on the cylinder release, and the itty-bitty screw that the cylinder pushes in to lock into place. Of note, this small screw must only be screwed in flush with the frame, or your cylinder won't open.

I bought a vintage Bulldog, and it started binding up at the range. Turns out that it was simply carbon build up on the leading edge of the cylinder and the gun was fine.

Good luck with your Bulldog. Should be a good little gun.


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