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+1 on BigDin's remarks....

I don't know when your gun was made.....but sure, on the used market, especially if you look at fixed choke guns ...there are still some deals out there on both Beretta and Browning O/U's for $ 500 - $ 750...especially on their field grade models. I think Beretta started using screw in chokes on most of their O/U's in the mid 1980's.../ not long after Browning developed their first Invector choke your gun should be older than that...but it doesn't matter.

Most any O/U made by Beretta or Browning a solid 500,000 shell gun in terms of durability....unless its been mistreated / and there are a lot of shotguns sold out there...that never see 150 shells a year let alone 150 a week.

Personally I prefer a "Trap" specific gun to be up around 10 lbs and with
32" barrels in an O/U...

....but get that gun to the pattern board, check its point of impact on both barrels...make any adjustments you have to - to the stock - so it hits where you look and you should be just fine. In a light gun like that ....I'd sure recommend you stay with loads of no more than 1 oz if its a 12ga ...and velocity's at around 1200 fps....( you don't need more than that, for Trap anyway, but some guys will tell you to shoot 1 1/8oz loads at 1250 fps or faster...)..../ and shells with either 8's or 9's are fine for Trap singles at 16 yds.
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