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How many times in the last year, two years, five years, have you flipped the light switch and it remained dark? In my world, the lights in my house generally work. If one bulb goes out, there's a lamp or another light switch not too far away. It's amazing to me how folks imagine these SD scenarios playing out. Are you really intending to use your flashlight as a blinding or seizure-inducing device when there's an intruder in your home? LOL. I guess only you can decide whether the probability of having no light in the house is worth the gun being weighed down with excessive accessories. Some of us like tacticool, some of us like simple. If you want to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario and that makes you sleep better at night, more power to you. "I might get 5 people who break in during an emergency to kill me and steal my stuff." Are you kidding me? Ask yourself this, what do you have in your home that enough bad guys know about and would want to come and rob? Most burglaries are committed by one or two part-time thieves. I'm talking Home Alone rather than Ocean's 11/12/13.

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