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Just wondering

I have never seen a "feral" pig, except of course through the media, and once in Ft. Benning. We did have a javlina problem here at a local farm, and the tags we're year round over the counter. In about a month they were GONE. Everybody I spoke to said now in this particular area they are very hard to find. Why are javelina so different? Is it from generations of being wild? I can only assume many many geneations ago javelina were pigs from mexico, have absoluetely no research or credibiliy to back that up btw and dont mind whatsoever being told I'm wrong.I am completely ignorant of the type of pigs ya'll have to deal with. I just can't help but wonder why they are in CA, and similar environments in TX and not out here in AZ. Why do feral pigs breed like rabbits and javelina so scarcely? I'm not trying to turn this thread into one about javelina, just trying to understand y'alls problem a little better.
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