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The picture does not match the written description. Those are not target sights, there are no front serrations, the safety is not extended, the safety is not frame mounted, etc.

Buyer beware on this!

“Cocked and Locked” Capability Safety can be inserted with hammer lowered or armed.
I am certainly no expert on Berettas and hence cannot figure out what this sentence means. The safety will not decock the hammer so that it can be carried cocked-and-locked? But this is described in detail as a target pistol.

And Wiggler, this seems to have the full sized grip and magazine so I am not sure why you want it. You did mention having small hands so I thought you might be after the single stack magazine version. Now you know they are (or at least were) made in both the full-sized M92 and the Compact. And I think the Compact is just one sweet handgun.

Beretta M92 is a good choice but be sure to buy what you need and want. Good luck.

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