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I was in your shoes not too long ago, looking at a purely SD shotgun. Mossberg and Remington are the two default suggestions. I handled the Moss and didn't like the way it felt, so it was out of the running. I thought the Rem was going to be it until I came across the Benelli Nova. For those that think Benellis are expensive or overpriced...a basic Rem 870 goes for $360 at my local Sportsman Warehouse, the Nova goes for $380. If your goal is to make the gun tacticool, the Rem will definitely give you more and cheaper options. If you want a simple, quality shotgun out of the box, look at the Nova (and SuperNova, for an additional $80). Keep this in mind:

Light attached to gun (movies) - flip the light switch in your room/house (real life)

Rail/Side Saddle for 10+ shots (movies) - if you can't stop the intruder in 5 shotgun blasts, you're toast anyway (real life)

Good luck with your choice.
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