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one size fits...

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today I got bored and started thinking about the reports of US soldiers in the south pacific resorting to using 7.7 japanese ammo in their springfields, strippers and all. so seeing as the 7.7 strippers could fit in a springfield I began wondering if it could work in reverse as I have a lot of 30-06 stripper clips but nothing for my arisakas. so i grabbed a couple clips and a few rifles and went out back to 'the range' and did some testing.

test calibers/guns were:
6.5x50mm japanese in a type 44 carbine
7.7x58mm japanese in a type 99 rifle
7.5x54mm french in an MAS36 rifle

also attempted was 7.62x54R in a mosin nagant 91/30 using 303 brit clips... because this is the stupid stuff I do when I am bored.

both Japanese cartridges fit quite snugly into the 06 strippers but not too tight as to make it difficult to load or unload. both rifles allowed the strippers and loaded like they were designed with those little accessories in mind.

7.5 french however did not work the ammo had to be crammed into the stripper and the rifle didn't allow the stripper to be inserted so for future reference... don't do that.

also 7.62x54R will fit in a 303 brit stripper so that's nice to just grab a few clips, stuff them in your pocket and go but the brit clips won't fit inside a mosin nagant rifle so you would have to unload the clip before loading the rifle so it loses a bit of it's appeal.

I've also heard that 6.5x55 and 8x57mm stripper clips will work but I don't have any of those at my disposal so I can't verify but if you have an arisaka and can't find the stripper clips for them just grab some US surplus, they are easy enough to find.
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