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Originally Posted by 101combatvet
I will use it until the tube is empty and then try the Cisco recipe.
I have not tried the 45-45-10 at temps above about +40dF. I am sure it will get softer and softer, I have no idea how much beeswax to add to firm it up, or at what temps to do that. I made it down to -40 without having to add more olive oil to soften it.

45-45-10 is good from +40dF down to -40dF, ass/u/me-ing below about 0dF you are carrying a sidearm just in case. (I tend to hunt furbearers in cold weather with a bolt action .223, the sidearm is for just in case.) All of my testing this winter was in a .45Colt sidearm, with good fitting cast slugs I was starting to see a little bit of leading around -25dF, but still short range dependable defense. Below -40 there was enough leading I wouldn't want to try for a second well placed followup shot out past 25 yards or so; but I wasn't hurting the gun and I know three different powders that work good that cold and the lube is adequate. Those are Universal, TiteGroup and HS-6 if you are keeping track. 777 worked fine down to -30dF, I didn't have any more loaded up the one sunny day I went to the range when it was colder.

I plan to kep testing over the summer in .45Colt and repeat this coming winter in .45-70, I am not sure how cold I can go with 45-45-10 in 45-70 but I am going to find out. Generally closing day of moose season we have up to maybe 18" of snow on the ground, but temps are not likely to be negative.

I tried the 45-45-10 first because I could make it in the kitchen instead of having to buy a pot and a bowl and a spoon and so on for the reloading shop. There are a bajillion lube recipes out there, I seriously tried this one first to see how cold it would work good. Once I found the lower limit of 45-45-10 I was going to go back to the well for a new recipe, but I didn't have too.

My personal limit for being outdoors hunting furbearers in January is -30dF. Colder than that I stay home and let the critters grow more hair. So I don't need a lube that works below that cutoff.

Best of luck to you.

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