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I have no idea, Jim. I'm just throwing it out there. Absolutely no breaking the law, but there's no harm in bumping up against the law and seeing how far it bends. People do it all the time in all manner of endeavors. I'm not suggesting anything as an actual action, just wondering where the law is on it.

Most states don't have any type of FOID card for long guns and there is no registry of ownership. Even in NY, a single handgun can be on multiple permits, son and father, husband and wife, I've never seen any requirement that the people are related. There are no permits or permission for rifles at all, except the new assault rifle registry and I have no idea how that works. I don't think it will be around long anyway.

It's probably an entirely different legal challenge but I don't know how any level of government could justify prohibiting co-ownership of ANY item.
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