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Are you a Mass resident? I have heard non-residents willing to jump through all the hoops have been able to score full carry licenses in the past. There is a note on handgunlaw that it may be more difficult now.
In general, it's easier for out-of-staters to get a non-resident carry permit for Massachusetts than it is for most Massachusetts residents to get a Class A. The "gotcha" for the non-resident is the price -- it's $150, and I believe it's only good for ONE year. (My Florida non-resident permit is good for seven years.)
It used to be easier, but not so much anymore. AFAIK non-resident licenses are still effectively "shall issue", but the application process was definitely changed a few years ago to require an in-person appointment (used to be able to do it all via mail). The price is the same as for resident licenses, $100, but it's only good for a year v.s. 6. It also appears that the time to issue can run up to 6 months which essentially means a perpetual application process.
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