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Kreyzhorse posted
I own a lefty bolt action rifle. In my opinion, those are fairly common because a right handed bolt action rifle isn't ideal for left handed shooters.
I know many lefties who prefer right-handed bolt-actions; they like being able to keep their primary hand in place near the trigger and work the bolt with their weak hand. For them, shooting right-handed rifles is faster and easier than left-handed models.

craZivn posted
RickB, how does flipping the mag release make it harder for a lefty? It feels far more intuitive hitting it with my thumb than my index finger IME. Just curious, as I've never heard anyone with your opinion before.
It's very common. Most lefty shooters I know prefer to use the right-handed mag release; they find it faster to use their index finger. Heck, I've even seen some right-handed competition shooters switch their mag release to the left-handed mode so they can use their index finger.
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