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Advanced Women's Handgun Class - AAR

This past Saturday, I was an assistant intructor for an Advanced Women's Handgun class. The ladies in attendance had all been through Basic Pistol, so this was the next step for them.

The course include a refresher on sight-picture and trigger press. Then we moved to the range for live-fire with movement, verbal commands, shooting behind cover and kneeling.

Next was a section on open-hand techniques - fighting the bad guy without a gun. Palm strikes, elbows, knees, etc.

Last was a scenario course using Glock sims guns and ammunition (the head instructor is LEO, so he has access to these tools). I was one of the bad guys in the scenarios and I was shot quite a bit.

The ladies all did very well. I've been through these courses with mixed genders and there wasn't much of a difference. The ladies did hesitate just a bit longer then the guys when they had a real person in their front sights, but most of the shots would have at least severely injured or killed me if I had been a real bad guy. During one deliberately confusing scenario, I was actually a good guy and was shot anyway.

It was an excellent course. I would highly recommend something similar for both men and women if you have access to that type of training in your area.
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